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What It’s Really Like To Have Your Startup Featured On Big News Outlets

A few months ago we launched Mod. We were lucky enough to have the launch covered by many well known news outlets and blogs.

People often think that being featured on a big site will make or break their startup. In reality that’s far from the truth.

For our launch we tracked everything. Some outlets surprised us because they drove way more than we were expecting, some drove way less. Some drove a lot of traffic but no sales and some did the opposite. All the data we collected is below.

The Data

Here’s a link to the raw data.

Keep in mind this data is only direct response sales. There will still be a longtail of word of mouth. That said, there’s a few interesting things to note here…

We’re our own biggest referrer

This speaks to the value of building an audience by trying to put out good content that helps  people.

CSS galleries can drive a lot of traffic

…but that traffic doesn’t convert. SiteInspire was one of our biggest referrers but the traffic they sent us barely converted at all.

Product Hunt is big

It’s bigger than a lot of established news outlets like TheNextWeb and LaughingSquid. This is also data from almost 4 months ago and it has clearly grown a lot since then.

If you found this post interesting, order a Mod Notebook of your own and experience it for yourself. We’re @Marshal and @Jon on Twitter… let us know what you think!

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