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The 37 Software Tools We Use To Run Our 7-Figure Ecommerce Business

There has never been a better time to run an ecommerce company and the multitude of software options available are a big part of it.

“Software is eating the world”

Truer words have never been spoken than this famous line by Marc Andreseen. The incredible amounts of software that are out today enable businesses like ours to do so much while staying operationally lean.

From back-of-house accounting software to APIs to blockchain technology and marketing apps, the following is a list of the software we currently use to support our 12 person, seven-figure ecommerce business.

Accounting/Finance Software


Xero is the accounting software we use to reconcile all transactions, view financial statements, track expenses, and cash flow projections. Our CFO uses it everyday and swears by it.



Nearly all of our bills are paid through Bill.com. They have an awesome service where you can approve invoices and they will print and mail paper checks to vendors for you.


We use Veem for international bill payments (wire transfers) to pay our manufacturers in China. It uses blockchain technology to make the payments much faster and has $0 fees.


Bankfeeds automatically imports all of our Shopify transactions into Xero in real time to keep our accounting information accurate and up-to-date.


PennyPipe does the same thing as Bankfeed, but for all of our Paypal transactions.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is an iOS app we use to scan mail that gets sent to our office – mostly for bills to import into Bill.com.


Kickpay is an awesome tool that gives us cash advances on large inventory orders. They cover the upfront costs of large purchases with sales history and then we pay them back as products are actually sold plus a nominal fee. Its a great way to help your business’s cash flow.


We offer Paypal as a payment option and also use it to run reports, handle disputes, and chargebacks. A lot of business owners aren’t huge fans of offering PayPal as a payment option because of the extra fees, but almost 43% of our gross sales are through Paypal so it is clearly a necessary evil.


Our store is set up on Shopify so it uses Stripe for payment processing.

 Company Management Software



We use 1Password to securely store and share all company log-ins, passwords, and other sensitive information between teammates.


Dropbox is where we store a majority of our files, photography, photoshop wireframes, and archived content.


We use Basecamp to organize medium-to-large projects like product launches, packaging, website improvements, and design projects and have recently started using their chat feature, Campfires, instead of Slack. It’s been helpful to keep everyone in one place where we can chat, share documents, and coordinate projects all from one app.

G Suite

We use G Suite for our email accounts, calendaring, and collaborating on documents in Google Drive.


Harvest is how we track time of our freelance and part-time customer service team members.


Gusto is an all-in-one payroll, benefits, and HR platform that makes it incredibly easy to onboard and pay employees.


Super simple screen-recording software that we use to communicate on projects faster with more clarity of what we are talking about.


Paste is a fantastic Mac app that extends your clipboard history. So when you copy five items in a doc or web page, you press Command+Shift+V and you can see the 100+ most recent things you’ve copied. You can organize, search, and save items – it is a huge time saver.

Sales & Marketing Software


We have always used Shopify and love it’s simplicity, all-in-one solution, and integrations.


We use Klaviyo for all of our email marketing including abandoned cart emails, segmenting customers, welcome series, and all drip campaigns. We graduated to Klaviyo after previously using Mailchimp.

Google Analytics

Our main source of analytics that we use to monitor traffic, conversion rate, sales, etc.


Justuno is our newest email capture software that we just switched to from PicReel. The overlay is shown to visitors after 10 seconds on the site and then remains as a tab on the side of the screen if they X out of it.


FOMO is an app that shows a small notification to visitors when someone else purchases something on the website. We have hundreds of purchases a day so it makes our website look like a busy and popular retail store (and has helped our conversion rate too).


Wooly is a cool app that syncs with Shopify to tell you the social influence of your customers. You can set up alerts so whenever someone with more than 5k followers (or any number) on Instagram or Twitter buys from you it will send you an alert. We’ve found CEOs, high-profile executives, influencers, and photographers with over 750k followers buy from us that we wouldn’t have known otherwise. With this info we’ve sent personalized thank you notes, gifts, and emails to court favor with these influential customers and try to turn them into brand advocates.

Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a free chrome plugin that shows you the monthly search volume and CPC costs right under the search bar in Google’s search results. Its a super easy way to see the volume and competition of a specific search term when doing SEO and content marketing.


Friendbuy is our new referral program (after switching from Referral Candy) that we send out to our customers, giving them a 30% off code in exchange for referring a friend (who gets a 20% off code).


Hootsuite is our tool of choice for scheduling Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.


Stamped is used to collect customer reviews and gives us the opportunity to find out any customer problems and solve them quickly.


Zembula is a software program the makes digital scratch-its and other interactive content. We’ve used it in some email marketing campaigns and gotten a 4x increase on our click-throughs.


ShareASale is the affiliate marketing software we have used to limited success.


We use NameCheap for all our domains and domain management.


Github is the repository for all the code we use on our website.

Customer Support Software



Front is a unified inbox we use for all customer support channels. It integrates email, Facebook messenger, Twitter replies and more so our customer support team has one place where they can manage all customer needs. The ‘canned answers’ feature is super helpful in quickly answering repetitive questions.

Facebook Messenger

We primarily use Facebook Messenger as a customer support and notification tool. When a customer purchases from Peel, they can elect to get shipping notifications from the Messenger app so they always know the latest information on their purchase.

 Logistics Software

Inventory Planner

Inventory Planner plugs into Shopify to track our sales history to tell us when we need to reorder inventory. You input the lead times from your manufacturers and it gives you a realistic timeframe for when you need to place your next order.


Darkstore is a delivery platform that allows us to do same-day delivery service to select cities. It makes for a pretty cool customer experience when they can place an order on our website at 10am and it gets delivered to their front door by 5pm. It isn’t cheap so we do it selectively from time to time, but we see it as a fun word-of-mouth marketing expense.


Easypost is a shipping API that helps our warehouse integrate with most major shipping carriers to purchase postage for our customer’s packages.


Flexport is an international freight forwarder that we use from time to time to move bulk orders from China through customs to other locations without any trouble. “Flexport is super reliable because you know they will take care everything from start to finish” – Jason, our head of operations.

Know any good ones that we’re not using? Let us know hello@needwant.com

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